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About me



I’m Fabio, an Italian-based filmmaker and marine biologist.


I was born and raised in a small country village but my first memories are connected to the water, of the river that flowed close to home.

As I grew up, I felt more and more attracted to the nature around me and my growing curiosity for this world led me to first obtain a degree in Natural Sciences and later a degree in Marine Biology.

After my studies I worked as a scientific diver and diving instructor diving in different parts of the world. During this time I started documenting what I saw underwater and realised how images can be an extremely powerful tool to tell the story of what surrounds us and bring people closer to realities they do not know.


My background has led me to specialise in underwater video production but as a filmmaker I have learnt to be versatile by creating any type of content.

When I am not working on commercial projects I am constantly looking for ideas to tell stories about the environment I love most, the sea.