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John Dory Fish in Nemo’s Garden

Liguria, Italy, about 40 metres off the coast of Noli divers come across several domes moored to the seabed. This structure, called Nemo’s Garden, represents the world’s first underwater greenhouse and has also become the habitat for numerous marine species. Here, between spring and summer, it is possible to encounter the John Dory Fish (Zeus […]


Some species of nudibranchs belonging to the genera Felimare and Felimida have spicules in their bodies. These spicules may have several functions including acting as a deterrent to predators by decreasing the energy value of these animals; they may also have a structural function by increasing stiffness and helping to maintain body shape. The shape, […]

French Polynesia

Just hearing the name French Polynesia makes you start dreaming. In December 2022 I was lucky enough to participate in a project in collaboration with Tahiti Tourisme and Aqualung Italia in which we had to produce underwater images for this destination. Tahiti it is exactly as you would expect: ukulele music, flowers necklaces, the green […]