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23 January 2023

French Polynesia

New Video Online

Just hearing the name French Polynesia makes you start dreaming.
In December 2022 I was lucky enough to participate in a project in collaboration with Tahiti Tourisme and Aqualung Italia in which we had to produce underwater images for this destination.
Tahiti it is exactly as you would expect: ukulele music, flowers necklaces, the green mountains meeting the blue of the Pacific Ocean and always smiling people greeting you with ‘ia ora na. Falling in love with this place is really easy.
Now online the final video of the project produced during 10 days spent in the famous Tuamotu archipelago between the islands of Fakarava and Tikehau.
Special thanks to Thibalut Gachon of O2 Fakarava and Olivier Mallo of  Tikehau Diving for the diving logistic and to Joachim of the Havaiki Lodge for welcoming us to his little paradise, it is definitely worth a visit to his pearl farm if you stay in Fakarava.